5 Benefits of Using a Party Tent At Your Next Event

5 Benefits of Using a Party Tent At Your Next Event

5 Benefits of Using a Party Tent At Your Next Event

Marquees are a great way to take your event to the next level. They are used for a wide variety of social gatherings, including birthday parties, weddings, business gatherings, and more.

If you are planning a gathering, a good tent can make a world of difference when it comes to your guests’ experience. Read on to learn about some key ways that party tent hire in Liverpool will enhance your next event:

1. You’ll Protect Guests From the Sun

Everyone loves to host a party on a day when the sun comes out to play. But too much sun can be bothersome, especially for your guests.

Nobody wants to sit out in the heat with no shade all afternoon. It may even pose health risks for certain people in attendance.

When you get a party tent hire in Liverpool, you’ll give your guests a place where they can seek shelter from the sun. They can cool down and refresh themselves accordingly.

2. You’ll Avoid Undesirable Weather

You can’t control the weather, and sometimes poor weather means outdoor events are out of the question. But you can still host great gatherings with the help of the right party tent.

You’ll want to get a tent that is strong and durable on windy days. You’ll also want material that will be water-resistant for rainy days.

Just because the weather isn’t ideal for an outdoor party doesn’t mean you should forgo your gathering. Tents are especially useful in the colder months of the year.

3. They’re Useful for Gatherings with Food and Drink

If you are serving food and drink at your event, then using a marquee will make the dining experience better for your guests.

Housing the food and drink in a secure, closed-off space like a party tent is one way to add extra protection. The delicious food will stay fresh and at ideal temperature when protected from the harsh sunlight.

4. They Accommodate All Events, Both Large and Small

Another benefit of party tents is that they come in all shapes and sizes. You can accommodate a wedding size crowd or host a small gathering underneath an intimate tent.

No matter the size of your party, you should be able to find one that can accommodate any number of guests and whatever spacing needs that you have for your guests.

5. You Have Extra Options for Decorating

Many people gravitate towards event tents because of the decorating potential that they allow for. The ceiling space in most marquees is perfect for hanging decorations.

One popular trend is the presence of foliage and floral designs. So me people also take an interest in various lighting additions, such as lanterns. It’s easy to transform your tent into a beautiful space for memorable events.

Ready For Tent Hire in Liverpool For Your Next Event?

These are just a few of the benefits you can expect to see when you get a tent for your next event. If you are looking for party tent hire in Liverpool, call us today for more information! We’ll help you choose the right the right tent style, size, and material for your upcoming event.

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TikTok aries

Tiktok aries 

Follow @ariesmarqueesliverpool on TikTok

Our team like to have a bit of fun after a long days work building our marquees, follow us on TikTok to see what we are up to..you might even see some funny dancing too!..

Some videos you may want to to look at for sizes of marquees and see how good they could look in your own space!


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Party Marquees Liverpool

Party Marquees Liverpool

Party Marquees Liverpool.  Planning a party? hiring a marquee is easy if you choose the right company.

party marquees liverpool


  • You don’t need to worry about the weather.
  • Start and finish when you want.
  • Your own choice of food and drink.

If you hire us we have 33 years experience to bring along with us!

Call 01515450599 or email ariesmarquees@hotmail.co.uk

Most popular sizes in gardens are either 6 metre by 6 metre or 9 metre by 6 metre.

Marquees include:

  • Aluminium clear span structure
  • interlocking wooden floor
  • new carpet
  • linings & chandalier
  • tables & chairs
  • dance floor & stage if required

Take a look at our Tiktok videos so you can see the finished product, this will give you an idea on the size,

6 metre by 6 metre marquee


♬ –

9 metre by 6 metre marquee


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Covid Testing Marquee at LFC Distribution Centre

Covid Testing Marquee at LFC Distribution Centre

Covid Testing Marquee at LFC Distribution Centre.  Aries Marquees were on hand to provide LFC, Liverpool Football Club with an emergency marquee during Covid19 at their Distribution Centre.

Liverpool Football Club Distribution Centre is based in Whiston and distribute all souvenirs, memorabilia, for LFC.

Liverpool Football Club LFC have started to test their staff on a daily basis to keep workers safe and needed an outdoor space to enable the staff to be able to do the test under cover outside before they can enter for work to start their shifts with the Distribution Centre.  This is the ideal way to keep Covid19 under control in the work place.

Covid Testing Marquee at LFC Distribution Centre

We offered a site visit first to inspect the size and see which size was required for the space, the marquee was then built the following day.

We can Build on site at a location of your choice, the marquees can be built on grass or hard standing and we offer various sizes to accommodate your needs.

If your looking to do onsite Covid19 testing and need a marquee, call today on 01515450599 or email ariesmarquees@hotmail.co.uk


Marquee Hire For Temporary Storage

Marquee Hire For Temporary Storage

Marquee Hire For Temporary Storage

Marquee Hire For Temporary Storage.  Marquee Hire is a quick emergency solution to all your storage problems..

  • Need Extra Space?..
  • Quickly?..
  • Call today to BOOK in a FREE no obligation survey on 01515450599

The video above shows a 9 metre by 6 metre marquee which was set up at a customers premises on an Industrial Estate.

This Marquee was set up and ready to use within a few hours as this particular Business has been very busy during Covid19 and didn’t have enough space for storage within their own premises as they are working to full capacity.

Originally they only required the Marquee to be hired for one month, but have now extended the hire as this is working well for them with their site operations.

We have the following in place we which can email to you for Emergency Marquee Hire:

  • Ten Million Public Liability & Employers Liability
  • RAMS – up to date for Covid19
  • All staff have full PPE

Locations:  Marquees can be erected on your own industrial site:

  • Liverpool – Knowsley, Bootle, Skelmersdale, Speke, Docks
  • Birkenhead, Wallasey, Wirral
  • Warrington
  • Runcorn, Haydock, St Helens, Wigan, Lancashire
  • Manchester
  • Stoke
  • Deeside, Wrexham, Flintshire
  • and more..

Marquee Hire For Temporary Storage –

Give us a call today 01515450599 or email ariesmarquees@hotmail.co.uk

Marquee Hire For Temporary Storage

Emergency Marquee at Seqirus Vaccines Liverpool

Emergency Marquee at Seqirus Vaccines Liverpool

Emergency Marquee at Seqirus Vaccines Liverpool – Aries Marquees where at hand to provide Seqirus Vaccines in Speke Liverpool with a quick solution, to provide extra space for a break out area for staff & contractors.

Aries have previously worked with Seqirus Vaccines in Liverpool.

This time it was because they need extra space urgently during Covid19.  The marquee was built on their car park to be used as a Break Out Area for staff & contractors due to social distancing.

The marquee was erected on the car park, on hard standing.  The marquee was secured with water ballasts and a wooden floor and carpet were also provided.

Seqirus were very happy with the service we provided and were at hand to make any adjustments or requested they wanted to change.

Dear Gaynor, Lisa and team,

Thank you for providing the service to enable social distancing eating area for our colleagues and support this last challenging year. Fantastic Service and amazing finish! i can’t recommend Aries high enough! Simply the Best!

Aries can provide all up to date RAMS, insurances and as you can see from the video wear all correct PPE including face masks during Covid19.

A FREE no obligation survey can be arranged to have a look at the site.  For Emergency Marquee Hire please call 01515450599 to arrange this or email ariesmarquees@hotmail.co.uk


Covid 19 – Marquee for NHS Staff Break out area

Covid 19 – Marquee for NHS Staff Break out area

Covid 19 – Marquee for NHS Staff Break out area.  Aries Marquees has installed a Marquee in the Court yard at the Walton Centre in Aintree, Liverpool.

This project was through the NHS for a staff Break out area at the Walton Centre in Aintree., Liverpool.  Aries Marquees created an Emergency space in the Court yard area for a staff break out area.

As the NHS Staff has been so busy during Covid 19 the object was to make this a nice cosy, chill out area for the staff in their very busy and testing times during this period with the NHS.

Aries provided the structure, installed an interlocking wooden floor, new blue carpet to fit in with the NHS colours, furniture and some lighting, festoon lights & fairy lights to give a cosy glow.

We hope that our amazing NHS staff can now have some where to have a moment during these crazy times for them during Covid 19.

Aries Marquees are at hand for the NHS for all emergencies providing Emergency Marquee Hire where needed.

Do you require Covid 19 – Marquee for NHS Staff Break out area? give our friendly team a call on 01515450599 and we will be happy to help.







Marquees for sale Liverpool

Marquees for sale Liverpool

Aries Marquees offer 32 years in the marquee industry, providing marquee hire and additionally due to covid 19 marquee sales.

Marquees for sale Liverpool

During these very testing times for all types of industries, Aries can either provide marquee hire or the sale of marquees depending on the amount of time the marquee will be required.

Aries offer a FREE no obligation survey to have a look at the area where the marquee is to go.  A marquee can be errected both on grass or hard standing as long as the floor is on the same level.

Marquees for sale north Liverpool

A Marquee is a quick emergency space that gives you the outdoor cover that you require quickly, here are some of the industries which may require to purchase during these time:

  • Schools – due to Covid 19, pupils need to be in bubbles and its hard for the Schools to find space and how to seperate the years.
  • Universities
  • Workplace/ Businesses – For social distancing – break out areas – extra storage space during these busy times
  • NHS – Emergency space for testing sites, temperature testing, staff break out areas
  • Pubs/bars/restaurants – Additional seating areas

A marquee is a quick solution for that emergency space that you need quickly.  Full costs can be given to purchase with costs to assemble the marquee & also provide a maintenance package to continue to look after the marquee on a monthly basis and look after the up keep of your marquee.

Marquees for sale Liverpool by Aries Marquees call 01515450599

Marquees for sale Liverpool

NHS Testing Stations Marquee Hire Liverpool

NHS Track & Trace Marquee Hire Liverpool

NHS Testing Stations Marquee Hire Liverpool

NHS Testing Stations Marquee Hire Liverpool – Aries Marquees offer over 32 years of Marquee Hire in the Liverpool and North West area.

Marquee Hire can be used for lots of different uses and even more so during these very difficult times of Covid19.

Aries are proud to be working alongside our amazing NHS during this very busy and testing times for our NHS staff.

NHS Testing stations Marquee Hire Liverpool

call our friendly team today on 01515450599

Marquee Hire – the quickest way to set up mobile testing stations!!..

With lots of mobile sites being set up for NHS Testing Stations across the Country, mostly with marquees.

Aries have been at hand to provide them with emergency marquee hire very quickly to give the emergency outdoor marquee cover required to set up the pop up mobile testing stations.

With Covid19 R rate being very high in Liverpool, its now essential for the NHS to do more testing and we are at hand to support and act quickly to provide the marquees that they need.

We can provide various marquee sizes.  Marquees can be erected on hard standing, we use water ballasts to secure the marquees.

Marquee hire can be anything from a short term hire to long term hire.

If you work for the NHS and have been set with this task, we have been working with facilities managers at the Hospitals and Clinics.

Our friendly team will help you with experience of setting up the Marquees for the testing stations throughout 2020.

If you require NHS Testing Stations Marquee Hire Liverpool, give our friendly team a call on 01515450599


party ideas during covid 19

party ideas during covid 19

During covid19 we still have those special celebrations coming up that we would like to celebrate, but still weary of covid19 and keeping to government guidelines.

Why not hire a marquee?

A marquee is a great space which can be set up in your own garden for smaller numbers.

What occasion can a marquee be used for?

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties – 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th
  • Engagement parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Barmitvahs & Batmitzvahs
  • Christenings & Communions
  • Baby showers
  • or any other celebration.

Which areas do you cover?

  • Liverpool
  • Wirral
  • Lancashire
  • Manchester

Can i provide my own food & drinks?

Yes you can, we can also recommend suppliers for this also.

Do i need to hire a generator?

No, we just run an extension lead from your nearest available socket

Can the marquee be built on two levels?

No the marquee must sit flat on all levels.

Can i choose how the marquee is decorated?

Yes, we offer a range of colours and we can have a variety of furniture to suit your occasion.

I am on a budget, how much will it cost?

We can supply a basic marquee or the full package to include floor, linings & chandalier, tables & chairs.

Do you build the marquee on the day?

No, it will be a couple of days before depending on availability.

We can give you an idea of costings then if its something you are interested in we can arrange a FREE no obligation survey.

Email ariesmarquees@hotmail.co.uk


Marquee Hire in Liverpool